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Bodey the Dog wears Skunk Halloween Costume by Mark Montano on The Stylish Mark Montano Project

Skunky Dog Halloween Costume

This week on THE MARK MONTANO PROJECT! Skunk Halloween Doggy Costume! Make sure to leave comment on the video! Made just for Bodey!

He Crafts with Mark Montano Rag Rug Bag

Rag Rug Bag Style!

This week I got to pick the “ingredient” and I chose a rag rug from the 99c store. ¬†Ok, I’m just going to admit it, I’ve made rag rug bags before BUT in my defense, I have never made one like this! ¬†Complete with a heart and plastic clothesline chain, this RAG RUG BAG is […]


Drinking Straw Cuff Bracelets

In this episode of Make Your Mark, I teach you how to make stylistic fashion cuffs made out of drinking straws. I used book pages for my beads, but you could use scrapbook papers or wrapping paper, it’s up to you! Now get out there and create! And…..pick up a copy of Pulp Fiction Perfect […]


Decoden Pencil Case

Mark and his niece Ivy get together to show you how to make a cute Decoden pencil case, which seems to be all the rage these days. Special thanks to Crafty Chica for the inspiration.

How to Make a Military Style Jacket DIY Tutorial from Mark Montano

Military Style Jacket

On this episode of Make Your Mark you’ll learn to make a military style jacket using a thrift store blazer and some basic sewing skills. This project takes a bit of time, but it’s well worth it and easy to customize to your taste. Change it up and make it your own! Videography by Carrie […]

Make Your Mark Doll Head Night Light by Mark Montano

Doll Head Night Light DIY

On this episode of “Make Your Mark,” you’ll learn how to turn a creepy porcelain doll head into a freaky night light with just a few simple materials. This project is from THE BIG ASS BOOK OF CRAFTS 2,, which is available everywhere! Camera person: Carrie Thompson

Make Your Mark Instagram Smash Book by Mark Montano

Instagram Smash Book

Take all of those photos you have stored in your phone and make an Instagram Smash Book using recycled materials and stuff you already have in your craft bin. This project is MESSY GOOD! Camera person: Carrie Thompson