How To Write and Publish a Best Selling Craft Book

Terrific news everyone……..My latest book has officially launched!
Advice from the #1 selling craft book author of all time!
I couldn’t be more excited about this book because I finally get to share with everyone my secrets for getting published and creating a best selling craft book. This is truly a TELL-ALL book because I take you step by step through my personal creative process from concept to promoting your book when it’s published.  A-Z, top to bottom!  I also give guidance on how to get an agent, how to submit to a publisher and how to write a WINNING book proposal.  I’m even sharing two of my personal book proposals which became books published by Simon and Schuster.
If you’re interested in writing a craft book and getting it published, this book is for you!
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Pretty accessories to make this summer!

Hello my dashing DIY’ers!  Here are four fun accessories for you to make this summer while you’re enjoying the extra sunlight!  Not only will these projects keep you creating for hours, when you wear them, you’ll be the bell of the ball.  Use different beads, switch out ribbon for cord and change them to fit your own personal style.
Zip ties are in abundance and I usually get mine at the 99c store. This zip tie chocker with ribbon ties is a great project for kids and can be made in any color combination.  I go for multi colors because then I really don’t have to think about what I can wear it with!
The pearl Chanel inspired cuffs are the perfect wedding accessory and can be made with all different kinds of strand beads.  Try using a cameo in the center instead of a big rhinestone.  My E-6000 glue made this project possible and I would not attempt to make jewelry without it.
My love affair with buttons continues!  I love button bracelets that don’t look like buttons and this charm bracelet, also inspired by Chanel, is just the ticket.  It’s fun to wear and a great way to use up that bag of buttons you just couldn’t resist buying.  It would also look great with all different kinds of buttons.  I used cabochons on both sides to cover up the holes and I really think it works.
Finally, my rolled paper bead jewelry.  This is just plain fun to make and I think it has a nice 80′s quality to it.  In fact, when I made it I was inspired by the chunky Christian Lacroix jewelry from the 80′s that was so popular.  I also used cabochons but you could use flat back gems for this project as well.  It’s up to you!
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4 easy ways to DIY your home!

4 easy ways to DIY your home!

Here are four easy ways to DIY your home!

1.  Create a wall of decorative plates.  I made these using an oil based Sharpie marker, but there are tons of different porcelain pens out there.  Try Deco Art Glass pens, they’re terrific!  Get your plates at a thrift store so that you have a nice selection on your wall.  Hang them in the kitchen or dining room and you’ll have something amazing to show your friends.

Here’s a video to show you how:  HOW TO DECORATE PLATES

2.  Upstyle paper lampshades using old book pages, scrapbook paper or tissue paper.  I created the images on my home copy machine and carefully cut them out and then I glued everything on to the shades with E-6000 Spray Adhesive.  Hot glue some trim around the edges and you’re lamp or chandelier will be the envy of all your friends.


3.  Recycle some jars and cans to create some chic organization on your counters or desk.

Use fabric, book pages, scrapbook papers, lace, jewelry pieces and ribbon to make this mixed media set that’s perfect for pens, pencils, paint brushes and kitchen utensils.  I truly love recycling and this is a great way to get rid of all of those bits and pieces you have in the bottom of your craft bin.


4.  Make your space feel bigger by creating some mirrors with Krylon Looking Glass spray paint and some plain glass front frames.

Nothing makes a room look bigger than having mirrors positioned across from a window or light source.  This project is so easy, too! The best thing about it is that you can decoupage images on your glass before you spray it with the Looking Glass spray paint.  Perfect if you’re trying to match the decor of a room.


Since summer is here, it’s the perfect time to spend an afternoon creating something wonderful for your home!  Have a terrific week, OK!



Upstyled Thrift Store Handbag DIY

A few weeks ago I got to thinking about designer goods.  They’re wonderful except for one thing.  The same magazine that enticed you to buy it is the same one that tells you that it’s out of style in just a few months. That’s terrible!  So I decided it’s just much more fun to take inspiration from the designers and let people create their own personal style instead.  This handbag is a mix of Chanel, Marni and Fendi and I think this project is a terrific way to spruce up a bag you might be getting ready to donate.  Have fun and remember to always spray paint outside!
From thrift store find to designer inspired handbag!
I also made a read white and blue version
My inspiration board
You’ll need
Clear lacquer spray (I used Minwax Clear Aerosol Lacquer)
Krylon White Primer
Krylon Fusion for Plastic in white
Cabochons or flat back gems
Craft knife
Old handbag
Lay out several pieces of 10″ long tape on a cutting mat.
With your ruler, cut it in half lengthwise.
Evenly add the thin strips of tape to the handbag starting at the center
and working your way out.
Next, add your tape in the opposite direction.
 Press the tape so that there are no bubbles or places where
it’s not stuck to the bag.
 Lightly coat your purse with the clear lacquer.  This will seep under the tape and
prevent the paint from bleeding underneath the tape when you spray it.
 Next, spray your purse with a primer.  This will help the other coats of paint stick
 to the bag perfectly and evenly.
 Finally coat your purse in a gloss white Krylon Fusion which is meant
for plastic and works very well on purses and shoes.
Spray light even coats of paint.
Wait at least 10 minutes in between coats.
 When it’s dry, carefully remove the tape one piece at a time.
 If you want, you could stop here and have this terrific grid design or you could……
 Grab your E-6000 glue and add cabochons, studs or flat back gems to the bag!
Let them dry for at least an hour.
You’re done!
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You’ll be glad you did.

Recycled Paper Jewelry DIY

I’ve always been a fan of Cristian Lacroix.  Maybe it’s because he invented the pouf skirt!  Seriously, how could you not be a fan of that piece of fashion history?  Plus, I truly love his jewelry pieces because they are a mixture of Baroque and a dash of Tony Duquette splattered with gems and stones.  What’s not to love?  These jewelry pieces are made with magazine pages and some easy to find supplies, most of which I’ll bet you already have.  You could use flat backed gems instead of the cabochons. It’s up to you.  I have to say that lately I’ve been having a love affair with cabochons and I can’t stop using them in my projects. Try them both and see what happens. In the mean time, make sure to subscribe to my blog because I’ll be sending out some fun tidbits and very good news soon.  Happy DIY’ing!
Christian Lacroix inspired Recycled Paper Jewelry
Some vintage Christian Lacroix jewelry from the 1980′s
You’ll need:
2 1/2″ wide magazine strips
White glue
Gold Metallic Krylon spray paint
Needle nose pliers
Flat metal cuff
Clip on earring flats
Ring finding
Cabochons or flat back gems
Roll your magazine stips (at an angle) into thin straws
 Secure the end with a small dab of white glue
Make a TON of these!
 Grab your needles nose pliers
 Starting from one end of a straw, roll it tightly around the tip of the pliers
 Secure the end with a dab of white glue
For larger rolls, connect 2 or 3 straws together
See the difference?
Grab your E-6000
 Using a dab of E-6000 and then a dab of hot glue, add your beads
to the cuff in a pattern you like.
The hot glue keeps it in place while the E-6000 dries
 Spray your pieces (outside) with a gold Krylon metallic
 You could stop here…..OR……
Glue on cabochons and or flat back gems
Make earrings using only 4 beads and gluing them together with hot glue and E-6000 for
the clip-on earring findings
The earrings…..BTW, these look great on me.
You’re done!
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Bejeweled Hand Mirror DIY

Every glamour girl I know needs a bejeweled hand mirror on her dresser.  This one was super easy to make and I got most of the supplies at the dollar store.  I was going to add some jewels to the handle, but I thought it might get in the way so I kept them on the upper part of the mirror.  I’ll bet you have tons of broken jewelry pieces you could use for this project.  If not, head the the jewelry section of the dollar store and go nuts like I did.  I’m thinking this might be a perfect bridesmaid gift, too.
My mom is going to love this!
You’ll need
Hand mirror
Various jewelry pieces
Wire cutters
E-6000 glue (the best stuff)
Gather your supplies
Clip off any earring backs or pins with the wire cutters
 Play with your arrangement until you’re happy with it.
 Carefully glue on one piece at a time
with a generous amount of E-6000 glue
 Make sure to only glue one piece on at a time!
Finish by adding pearls and gems in the open spots so that none of the
back of the mirror is exposed.
 You’re done!

BIG NEWS: Make Your Mark Coming to PBS This Fall!

We’re still doing our weekly DIY videos every Saturday, but today I wanted to share some very special news with you!
Make Your Mark is coming to PBS this fall in a 1/2 hour version with FIVE projects per episode.

In addition to the weekly YouTube videos, all of the Mark Your Mark PBS episodes will also be available online at in case you miss anything (or if you want to watch again and again). My team and I are so excited to bring you this show; it’s been a life-long dream of mine to be able to share my creativity in a bigger way.

So, let me tell you all why I am SO excited for you to see this show!
First off, we have some terrific guests lined up:
Peter Marr is an extraordinary carpenter, and all-around great guy, who will be helping to make some of the larger projects that require things like power tools and jigsaws.
 Kelly Nishimoto from Something Borrowed, Something New on TLC.
Kelly is my B.F.F. and former co-host from My Celebrity Home, which aired on the Style Network.
She’s super fun to hang out with and she visited several times on-set
to help me make some beautiful fashion accessories for the show.
 Kritsten Turner from the acclaimed website
This girl is a blast and we have a great time creating together in the studio.
Meiko is a crazy talented musician who just released her second album, The Bright Side. She visited the set and performed a song from her latest album, and then we figured out together how to collaborate on a very special project.
 Rob and Corinne from Threadbanger!
Threadbanger stopped by to say hello on the hottest day of the summer
so far, and we worked on some fabulous home decor projects together.
Kristen Turner and I posing for the camera.  Snazzy!
So, make sure to put Make Your Mark in your DVR and double-check
that your local PBS station is carrying us.


Stay tuned for more updates from the set, and see you soon!
xx Mark


T-shirts to Hoodie D.I.Y.

I’m constantly trying to come up with new ways to use all of the free t-shirts I get at every convention and event.  This stylish hoodie is an easy project to make because it only requires two stitches.  One on the hood and one around the neckline.  Use contrasting t-shirts for a funky look or matching tees for an understated look.  I used the green for the hood so that you could actually see what I’m doing here.  I tried making a video with an all black hoodie and it was a MESS!  Enjoy and have fun!


Blue Steel a la Zoolander!
You’ll need:
Sewing machine
2 t-shirts
Measuring tape
Matching thread
Long shoestring
Straight pins (for sewing)
Fabric Chalk


Here’s How:

1. Lay your t-shirt flat

 2. Draw a v-neck line with fabric chalk on the front side of one t-shirt
3. Carefully cut it out on the front side ONLY.  Don’t cut the v in the back!
4. Measure around all three sides of your neckline with measuring tape. My measurement was 21″.
5. Lay out your 2nd t-shirt to make the hood.  You’ll be working from the hem side!
6. Add 1″ to your neckline measurement on the tape measure. So my measurement would be 22″.
7. Fold the tape measure in half from your new measurement. Continuing with my example, my tape measure now reads 11-22″.
8. Draw a fabric chalk line on the t-shirt as shown for the exact folded length
9. Continuing with the first line, draw out your hood in fabric chalk (I only used permanent marker to make it easier to see!).
10. Cut out your hood.
11. Unfold the hood (there are two pieces), and then flip inside out.
12. Use a sewing machine to stitch along the back of the hood
*It’s going to look like this.  A monk wearing green!*
13.  Pin the neckline of the hood to the neckline of the t-shirt starting with one pin in the center back and one pin in the center front, and pinning evenly in between.
14. Overlap the two center front parts of the hood 1/2″ and stitch.
15. Stitch around the neck.
16. On the INSIDE of the hem of the hoodie near the center front, draw two small dots.  These are your holes in which you will thread the your shoestring (drawstring).
*The hem of the 2nd t-shirt (green shirt shown) is going to be your tunnel for the drawstring*
17. Cut a very very tiny hole on the inside where you drew the dots. You’ll have to separate the fabrics so that you don’t cut through both sides (VERY IMPORTANT!).
18. Thread your drawstring and you’re done!


Spring Flower Boutonnière D.I.Y.

I wanted something fancy to wear this spring on my cotton blazer (and to give as gifts to my friends) so I started messing around with some fake flowers and jewelry pieces I had hanging around.  I love the way these turned out.  These would be fun for a party, wedding or special occasion and I think they’re perfect for everyone.  You probably have everything you need to make these already, and if not, make do with what you have.
Happy Spring everyone!
My trio of lapel pins for spring!
You’ll need:
Fake flowers (I prefer silk flowers)
Jewelry pieces
Safety Pin backs
Hot glue gun
Wire cutters


Here’s how:
1.  Trim the flowers 4″ below the flower and trim off all leaves
2. Hot glue the leaves you trimmed off around the flower as shown
3. Place a dab of hot glue to the base of the flower
4. Add your ribbon onto the dab of glue with a 4″ piece sticking off of one end
5. Wrap the ribbon down to the bottom of the stem, and then back up to the top
6. Tie a knot in the ribbon when you get back to the top
7. Create a bow from a new piece of ribbon with several loops
 8. Hot glue the bow right under the flower
9. Grab your E-6000!
10. Glue your jewelry pieces over the bows
11. Let dry for 1/2 hour
 12. Once dry, glue the safety pin attachment onto the stem on the back side of the pin
You’re done!




When I opened my first store in NYC, way back when, I decorated the store with huge plywood cutouts of buttons, needles and spools of thread.  I then took cord and wrapped the spools, threaded the wooden needles and made a criss-cross in each button…..and then spray painted the entire “wood collage” gold!  It looked amazing.  If I had Krylon’s Glitter Blast back then, I would have used that instead.  These huge frisbee buttons would look terrific in any room in your house.  Especially if you’re creative!  This project brought back tons of terrific memories for me.
You’ll need:
Drill with large drill bit
Scrap wood piece (for drilling)
Krylon Fusion in a color that matches your Glitter Blast


Here’s How:
 1. Drill four “button holes” in your frisbee
(Make sure to do this on top of some scrap wood!)
2. Spray paint your button with the Krylon Fusion and let dry for 15 minutes
3. Coat your button with Krylon Glitter Blast and let dry for 15 minutes
4. Make your stitches using yarn in a color you like
5. Tie a knot in the back to keep the stitching in place
 6. Decorate your house with your newly finished button!


Make sure to grab a Big Ass Book for more inspiration!