Faux Quartz Crystal Jewelry DIY

I love quartz crystal, but because of it’s weight it’s almost impossible to wear more than one chunk of it. Well, now you can pile it on by casting it in Glaze Coat (2 part epoxy resin). All you need is one or two pieces of quartz to cast and you can make as much as you want. Color it, add glitter, wrap it with wire and paint it.  No one will be able to tell the difference, I promise.
Have fun! xoxo, Mark

Danielle wearing tons of “Quartz Crystal” jewelry

Wrap a piece in wire and attach it to a ring base….. Easy!

Drill two pieces and hang them from earring wires

Flat metal cuffs
One or two crystals to mold
Cups, stir sticks and gloves

 Mix equal parts of the Mold-N-Pour putty
Press your real crystal into the putty and surround it to create your mold
Wait 10 minutes and remove the real crystal
Mix equal parts of Glaze Coat and stir for 5 minutes
Fill your molds with the Glaze Coat

Remove the bubbles with a long arm lighter
Let cure overnight in an unoccupied room or outside
*You can also use colorants and glitter with this process
When cured, scrape of the edges with a craft knife (if you need to)
Glue the “quartz crystals” to a flat metal cuff with E-6000
Tape in place while they dry

Paint some in metallic gold
Drill them and hang them from earring wires

No Sew Boho Curtains!

That’s right, you can make these beautiful curtains without a single stitch on a sewing machine or by hand!  Every time I pass a street vendor, I grab tons of faux pashmina scarves. You can get them almost anywhere for $5 to $10 dollars. Years ago I used them full length to make curtains for my living room with small clips. Now I’m using them as curtains in my bathroom with a contrasting border and I put them all together with E-6000 Stitchless Iron-On Glue….I t was easy and I think they look amazing!

No Sew Boho Curtains!

 I couldn’t decide on the colors so I made them in green and teal.

I’m settling on the oranges and purples! Much more my style.

Pashmina scarf (I like the ones with fringe)
E-6000 Stitchless Iron-On Glue
Masking tape
1/2″ yard of matching cotton fabric

 Cut each side of the scarf 3 1/2″ less than the measurement of your finished curtains
*Example: If your curtain length is 34″ then cut the scarf 30 1/2″ long
Cut the two pieces of matching cotton that are 9″ long and 1″ wider than the width of your scarf
Press 1/2″ on each of the 9″ sides of your cotton fabric
Seal them down with E-6000 Stitchless and press until the moisture is gone

 Flip the cotton over to the finished side
Add masking tape 1/2″ along one edge
Add E-6000 Stitchless along the masking tape and smoosh it along the tape with your fingers
Place the cotton on the face of the scarf panel
Match the raw edges and iron until the glue evaporates
Flip up the cotton piece and iron along the “seam”
Fold the other edge 1/2″ in and iron
Add E-6000 Stitchless along the fold

Fold down on to the first press seam and iron
This will create your tunnel and finish the curtain in the back
Repeat on the other curtain, hang and enjoy!

High End Beaded Pillows DIY

If you love the look of high end beaded pillows but aren’t willing to spend 40+ hours stitching on every single bead, why not try this beaded pillow project!  Get that high end look and impress your friends with your beautiful decor and your talent!  All you’ll need is E-6000 Fabri-Fuse and an awesome stencil!  Beaded pillows can now be made in the time it takes for the glue to dry.  Here’s how!

I love this flower pillow!

My fancy beaded denim pillows!

1 yard heavy cotton
1 yard heavy denim
1/3 cup seed beads per pillow
Spray adhesive
Sewing machine
Straight pins
Pillow stuffing

Cut two pieces of fabric 19″ x 19″
Pin and stitch together using 1/2″ seam allowance and leaving a 5″ long hole
Clip the corners at an angle
Turn right side out and press flat

 Spray the stencil with a light coating of spray adhesive
Center it on the pillow
Fill the stencil with a generous amount of E-6000 Fabri-Fuse

 Remove the stencil and sprinkle the beads on the Fabri-Fuse
*gently press down the beads if you need to
Repeat with the other areas of the stencil
Add a coating of clear acrylic IF you feel you didn’t use enough glue
*This will insure that you don’t lose any beads

For larger, more intricate stencils stick your stencil to the fabric
Squirt a generous amount of glue along the side of the stencil
Spread the glue with a piece of cardboard like a squeegee
Remove the stencil
Sprinkle the beads and let dry overnight

Animal Silhouette Pillows DIY

Need to spruce up your decor?  Want something that shows off your DIY talent?  How about making them an Animal Silhouette Pillow with E-6000 StitchLess Iron On Glue.  Just cut out your shape, coat it with the glue and iron it on!  You’ll be the envy of all your friends.

My pillow zoo!

 I think my dad would love this one

 My niece Jennah will love this!

I’m keeping this one!

Silhouette of animal you like
Graphic fabrics in black and white
Cotton fabrics in bright colors
Sewing Machine
Pillow stuffing
Needle and thread

 Print this in gray scale (to save ink) and enlarge it to fit a standard sheet of copy paper

Print as much as you can of this on a standard sheet of copy paper and free hand draw the antlers

Add a tail to this if you want!

 Cut out a piece of fabric big enough for your silhouette
Pin and carefully cut it out
Try different silhouettes (Google ANIMAL SILHOUETTE)

 Cut two 19″ x 19″ pieces of graphic fabric
Pin and stitch them together using 1/2″ seam allowance
Leave a 5″ hole on one side
Paint an even layer of E-6000 StitchLess on the fabric silhouette

With the glue side down, center it on the pillow and iron it in place
Stuff the pillow with pillow stuffing
Pin the 5″ hole closed
Stitch closed with needle and thread

Beautiful Summer Fruit Trays DIY

Need some fun summer trays for your outdoor dining?  These couldn’t be easier to make!  Standard 18″ table rounds and thin metal spoons for handles and you’re halfway there.  I dyed the wood with RIT Liquid Dye which works wonderfully as a wood stain.  Make sure to check out the RIT studio for tons of other ways to use RIT!  

Two 1″ x 18″ table rounds
Thin metal spoons *make sure you can bend them
Rit Liquid Dye in Sunshine Orange and Scarlet
1″ screws 

Stain one table round with the RIT liquid dye in Sunshine Orange to create the orange tray
Draw a line 1 1/2″ from the edge of the tray
Fill in the line with Cotton Ball Multi Surface Paint to create the rhine
With a ruler, draw your orange sections

 Paint over the lines 
Fill in the center and paint on the seeds
Paint the edge with Orange Sherbert
Let dry for an hour

Paint the second table round with Scarlet to create the watermelon tray
Draw a line 1″ from the edge and fill in with Cotton Ball
Paint the edges with Turf Green
Add some Cotton Ball to the Turf Green for a lighter shade to create the stripes on the edge 

Coat both trays with Minwax Polycrylic
Mark each end of the spoon
Drill holes in each end of the spoons
Bend into a handle shape and screw into the sides of the trays

Super Easy Jeweled Phone Case

Everyone loves a terrific cell phone case and these were made from dollar store jewelry pieces and
E-6000 glue which now comes in black and white!  You don’t need anything else.  Just cluster on your jewels and get gluing.  No more Decoden supplies and messy silicone!
Have fun!

Danielle rocking her bejeweled cell phone cases!

Black rhinestone trim, beads and gems
Crystal rhinestone trim, beads and gems
Basic cell phone cases (I got mine at the dollar store)

 Cut your rhinestone trim to fit the case and make sure to cut out a space for the camera
Figure out the gem placement and photograph it so you can remember!

Glue everything in place with clear E-6000 glue
Sprinkle with iridescent glitter if you want a little more sparkle
Let dry overnight

Cut and glue the rhinestone trim to the size of your case
Glue on with BLACK E-6000 glue
Add gems and glitter and let dry overnight

Tote Bag DIY

This SEAHORSE TOTE BAG diy is perfect for the beach AND it will get you noticed at the supermarket when the summer is over, I guarantee it!  Use the basic tote bag pattern and then decorate them any way you want.  Cities all over are banning plastic bags so it’s time to start creating your tote bag collection for everything from groceries to garden supplies!

Just in time for beach weather!

3/4 yard of fabric (cotton, twill, canvas)
Sewing machine
Pearls, Googley Eyes
Fish Tanks Rocks (Aquarium Gravel)

 Cut a 20″ x 45″ piece of fabric for the body of the tote
Cut two 14″ x 2″ strips for the handles
Stitch the handles lengthwise using 1/4″ seam allowance
Turn them inside out with a tube turner (make one with a wire hanger if you don’t have one)
Center and pin them 1″ below the edge of the the 20″ sides of your fabric

 Fold the edge of the fabric twice over the handles and pin in place
Stitch across on the fold
Pin up the handles and stitch them in place
Pin the sides and a 2″ pleat a the bottom of the tote
Stitch down the sides of the tote using 1/2″ seam allowance

Clean up the edges and secure with E-6000 Fray Lock
*This will keep the edges from fraying

Print this out if you need some guidance

Fold 10″ of freezer paper in half
Trace the seahorse pattern close to the fold
Cut out with a craft knife
Iron the freezer paper on to the tote
Fill in with Peach Silk

Glue on googley eyes, pearls and fish tank rocks to create the bottom of the tote
Add bubbles with Chick and highlights to the seahorses with Jade

Stepping Stool DIY

I’m short!  There, I said it! I can’t reach the top shelf in my kitchen and I have always resorted to crawling up on the counter like a 3 year old trying to get to the cookie jar.  It’s UGLY!  I finally decided to make a kitchen stool that serves as an extra seat at the table and a fine way for me to reach the top shelf in my cabinets without breaking a leg!  The awesome thing about this stool is that you can paint it to match your decor in minutes.  I used Americana Decor Chalky Finish paint and DecoArt stencils and I love the way it turned looks.  Extend the support and seat and you have a bench that seats 2-3 people!  

In my kitchen, poised to help me get to the top shelf!

2 (1” x 12”) pine boards, 17” long
1 (1” x 12”) pine board, 13” long
1 (1” x 12”) pine board, 18” long
12 (2-inch) finishing nails
Wood Glue

 Draw a line down the center of both sides of each of the two 17″ long boards
Add glue to the line and position the 13″ long board on the line

 Flip it over and nail the 17″ board to the 13″ board
Add glue to the other side of the 13″ board 
Center the other 17″ board on top and nail it in place
This creates the bottom of your bench

 Center the seat (the 18″ board) on top of the base
Adhere it to the base with more wood glue
Draw a line through the center and along the sides directly above the 17″ boards on the base
This will help you place your nails
Nail the seat in place

Paint the entire bench in Lace
Stencil 4 rows of the harlequin on each side of the seat with Serene
Stencil the harlequin on both sides of the bench 

 Stencil the French Bakery Stencil in the center of the seat with Relic 
Using the straight edge of the stencil, add a frame around the seat
When dry, coat the entire bench in the Light Satin Varnish
When the varnish is dry, paint on a small amount of creme wax and rub it off with a damp cloth
to give it an aged look 


Nesting Easter Eggs DIY

It’s that time of year when every chocolate bunny runs in fear from me!  It’s also that time of year when I stock up on plastic eggs and wonder why I need 400 of them.  This year I tried something a little different with my egg and painted them like nesting dolls.  I thought it would be a fun gift for my nieces and nephews but instead I fell in love with them and decided to keep them for myself. I roll that way sometimes.  For this project, all you’ll need is some Americana Acrylic Paint in a few different colors.  How creative you get is up to you!
Comfy and cozy
Plastic eggs in different sizes
 1. Start by painting the face with Americana Flesh Tone
2. When dry add the hair with Dark Chocolate
3. Next, add the eyes
4.  Add the cheeks directly under the eyes
5. Paint either a tiny heart or red dot for the mouth
6. With white add a dot in each eye for sparkle
7.  Decorate the face with more white dots
8.  Start with a headband across the forehead
9. Create an onion dome shape in dots around the head
10. Finally add some dots under the chin and you’re done!
A family gathering

Shoe Makeover-Downton Abbey Style!

The ladies of Downton Abbey have discovered the Spectator Pump and today I’m showing you how to get the same look with just a little bit of paint and a pair of shoes in need of a makeover.  It’s easy with some Americana Multi-Surface Satin Paint and a couple of ribbon bows glued on with E-6000!
Spectator pumps are the most popular shoe ever created (besides the sneaker) and reached their height of popularity in the 1920s.  Since then we’ve seen a version of this shoe in every fashion season since.  Try this project on a pair of white sneakers if you’re not a fan of heels.  Have fun!
The “Lady Mary” Shoe
Classic Spectators for men and women
Basic shoes
Permanent marker
Ribbon bows
1.  Draw the design on the toe of each shoe
2.  Draw the design on the heel of each shoe
3.  Fill in with an Americana Multi-Surface Paint in a color you like and let dry
 4.  Mark with a pencil every 1/2 inch around the edges of your painted areas
5.  Paint black dots over your marks as shown
6.  Draw in your stitches with a permanent marker on both sides of the painted dots
7.  Glue small ribbon bows on the toes of each shoe with E-6000 glue so that they are
permanently adhered and you’re done!