I can’t resist a deck of cards. I love the patterns, the waxy coating and how many variations in design there are. I also can’t resist when I find decks for 25 cents each! This was the perfect item to send Stephenie (www.mycraftyadventures.com) for our He Crafts She Crafts blog because cards are cheap and available.

At first I was thinking I would invent a new card game, but I racked my brain and shuffled around (get it!) and couldn’t come up with anything. Finally, BOOM! I used them to mat some art pieces. Stephenie ROCKED this challenge with her GAME TIME PARTY by creating a chandelier up style, an invitation, a utinsil holder AND a banner! I officially fold (see what I did there!) Just a heads up, it can be tricky gluing waxy cards down but I found spray adhesive works really well. I was actually able to try a NEW spray adhesive from one of my favorite companies that you can use INSIDE! Yes, you heard it here first. Spray adhesive for using INSIDE…NO FUMES! It’s out in January and it’s made by………well, you’ll have to wait, won’t you!

(LEAVE A COMMENT and you’re entered to win some goodies from both me and Stephenie)

He Crafts:

My playing card art matting. Try gluing them at an angle!
He Crafts Card Project by Mark Montano

Thought it would be fun to photograph these with a HAND! Get it?! Hand!

He Crafts Card Project by Mark Montano with Hands

She Crafts:

I love this banner and utensil jar! Easy and stylish!
She Crafts Playing Card Banner by Stephanie from My Crafty Adventures with Mark Montano

She Crafts: Amazing chandelier up style!
She Crafts Playing Card Chandelier by Stephanie from My Crafty Adventures with Mark Montano

She Crafts: The perfect invitation! You GO Stephenie!
She Crafts Card Project 3 by Stephanie from My Crafty Adventures with Mark Montano

Make sure to check out her site and give her some love!


Spray adhesive
Double stick tape or glue stick
Small piece of art
Colorful paper or card stock

Here’s how, he crafts style:

1. Spray your cards and arrange them on your cardboard.
Lay something flat on top, weight them down so that they dry perfectly flat.
He Crafts Card Project by Mark Montano Step 1

2. Cut out your art and cut a small frame around it using some contrasting paper or card stock. Double stick tape it or glue stick it to the contrasting paper.
He Crafts Card Project by Mark Montano Step 2

3. Adhere it to the cards
He Crafts Card Project by Mark Montano Step 3

4. Arrange in your frame
He Crafts Card Project by Mark Montano Step 4

5. Finish up and hang!
He Crafts Card Project by Mark Montano Step 5

6. Make sure to leave a comment for me and Stephenie and we’ll pick a winner to enjoy a gift box of goodies! I’m including a BIG ASS BOOK OF BLING and Steph has the hookup for some fabulous cutting tools as well. Good luck!
He Crafts Card Project by Mark Montano Step 6

5 thoughts on “[She Crafts / He Crafts Vol. 8] It’s all in the Playing Cards!

  1. Taylor S.

    This is a great idea. I have a ton decks of cards that I don’t use so this is great. Please come up with more ways to use those old decks of cards.

  2. jenifer robles

    OMG!!! I have fallen in love with all of your creative projects. They are so breathe taking and so inspiring. You truly have a God given talent. I am so blown away by all of the projects you have going on. You are truly talented and you have literally inspired me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And much good luck and good fortune to you.

  3. Mireya Valdez

    Totally love the playing card idea! I have a question for you mark. I realllllly love the instagram smash book tutorial you made. I was wondering if you’d let me make a similar tutorial I’d absolutely include in the video how I got the idea from you!! You’re so great and absolutely crafty I’d love to introduce My Viewers to your videos! (the little viewer that I have) Thanks so much for being a HUGE inspiration! Love you Lots, Reya!

  4. April

    This is such a fun idea! I recently bought some old deco era playing cards and wanted to display them somehow but nothing had inspired me yet. I think this might be the answer! :)

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