[Make Your Mark DIY] Masquerade Mask from PULP FICTION: PERFECT PAPER PROJECTS

I love masks.  There is nothing more fun than showing up at a costume party and hanging out with people who don’t know it’s you. Well, they don’t know it’s me until I laugh….that’s always a dead giveaway.  I love the simplicity and elegance of this mask and the fact that it can be made from things you probably already have in your craft stash.
Book pages
4 feet of ribbon of your choice
Hole punch
1 yard of trim
Hot glue and glue gun
X-Acto knife
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Mod Podge Gloss
Picture 22
1. Cut out the mask pattern in cardboard and slightly bend in a curve.  Try it on your face for size and comfort.
Picture 23
2.  Using Elmer’s glue that’s been watered down a little bit, glue pieces of book pages to the front and back of the mask.  Since the mask will be a tiny bit wet from the glue now is the time to decide exactly what shape you want it to have.
Picture 26
3.Cut out the shapes for the eyes.
  Picture 27
4. When dry, hot glue your trim around the mask and the eyes.
Picture 25
5.  For the each feather you will take one book page and fold it in half.
 6. Spread a layer of Elmer’s glue on one half.
7.  Insert a 8” piece of wire in between the pages and seal it in between and let dry.
 8.  When fully dry, cut out your feather shape and carefully cut the feather as shown
Picture 28
9.  Position the feathers on the center of the mask and hot glue in place.
 10. When the feathers are in place and dry,  bend them into shape.
Picture 29
11. Using your hot glue gun, glue on the rhinestones.
  Picture 32
12.  Put a hole punch on the corners of your mask.
 13. String the ribbon through and tie a knot if you want.

Now, in the 2nd edition there is another version included.


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  1. What a cool idea..very Nice ~

  2. Sigh… it’s just my luck that you release a larger 2nd edition a couple of weeks after I finally treat myself to the original…

  3. So simple and elegant! Hmm, I have some sequin trim kicking around in my stash too…I love this!

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