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Handmade Bezel Resin Hearts DIY

Lately I’ve been obsessed with the work of an artist named Terri Brush.  She makes beautiful soldered jewelry using all kinds of bits and bobs and her work inspired me to make some resin filled heart bezels.  Sadly,  I was too lazy to do the soldering work, so I figured out an easier way to make heart bezels with super easy to find supplies.  Much easier than I thought it would be, too!  When they were done, I filled them with broken jewelry pieces and extra things I had in my bin and then covered it all with Glaze Coat.  I have to admit, I can’t stop making these!

Danielle wearing a cluster of resin hearts

 Special thanks to
for the beautiful chain they sent me!

A terrific way to use up broken jewelry pieces!

Aluminum flashing (any hardware store)
Serrated edge scissors
18 gage wire
Flat plastic (top of a takeout container will work)
Jewelry pieces
Needle nose pliers
Book pages or music sheets
Latex gloves, plastic cups and stir sticks
Chain to hang your hearts  (

 Cut 3/8″ wide strips of aluminum flashing with serrated edge scissors
(I got serrated scissors in the kitchen department at the dollar store)
Bend into a heart shape
Glue the edges together with E-6000 and then clamp with a clothespin until dry
Trace the metal heart on a thin sheet of clear plastic
*I use the tops of takeout containers
Cut out and glue the metal heart to the plastic using Aleene’s Tacky Glue
Add more glue around the outside edges so that it’s air tight

When dry, cut out book page hearts and fill with beads and jewelry pieces
Mix equal parts of Glaze Coat and stir for a few minutes
Fill the hearts and pop the bubbles with a long arm lighter
Let dry overnight in an unoccupied part of the house or outside under a box
Create “S” hooks with heavy gage wire and glue on the back with E-6000
When dry, hang from a chain

Chocolate Chandelier DIY

Ok, every once in a while I just feel like making something crazy, nutty, kooky, bananas…..and here it is…. An Easter candy chandelier. Truth be told, I really just needed an excuse to buy chocolate bunnies and then gorge on them. No worries, my terrific assistant Danielle helped me. Nom nom!
Happy Easter!

 I had quite a few peeps while making this, too!

This concept would also be really fun for Valentines Day!

Recycled cardboard
4 chocolate bunnies
Jelly beans
Plastic eggs
(8 small, 4 medium, 6 large)
Easter grass
Glue gun
Craft knife
Hole punch

 Trace your pattern on cardboard
*You’ll need two single pieces and one piece cut on the fold
Cut 8 quarter circles about 1 1/2″ each
Paint everything with Americana Decor Chalky Finish
Hot glue the pieces together

 Add hot glue to a cardboard disk and glue on plastic Easter grass to make a small nest
Add a large plastic egg to the center and surround it with jelly beans
*You need to make 4 of these nests
Take 4 small plastic eggs and glue Easter grass to the base of each
Make a large nest with hot glue and Easter grass with a large egg in the center
*This large nest will be for the center of the chandelier
Embellish the chandelier with a matching color of paint if you want
Add the nests with the large eggs to the arms of the chandelier

Glue the small eggs with Easter grass to the curve on the chandelier
*Refer to the beauty shot for placement
Glue 8″ long pieces of ribbon to 4 small, 4 medium and 1 large egg
Punch holes in the bottom of the chandelier
Hang the eggs from the holes
Glue peeps on the chandelier with a hot glue gun
Add the large nest to the center of the chandelier with more hot glue
Hang from ribbon
Open the large eggs on the nests and fill with chocolate bunnies

Chandelier pattern
*Mine was 18″ high

Ready for my egg hunt!

Twinkling Lights Hair Combs DIY

Light up the night!
Make light up hair accessories for a fun evening concert or a night out on the town.  You probably already know how to make flower combs, but it’s time to kick them up a notch with tiny, twinkling lights.  You’ll be the talk of the party, I promise!

Try this technique on a hair band!

Try it in a bouquet of flowers!

 Why not make a magic wand?

Fake flowers
Hair combs
Battery operated tea lights
Wire cutters
Needle nose pliers

 Trim your flowers just below the head
Glue them to the comb with E-6000 and let them dry
Carefully remove the wired light bulb from inside of the tea light
Bend the wires straight as shown

Add a dab of E-6000 Extreme Talk on the end of the battery and let dry
Right before you’re about to head out, tape the wires to the battery
Press the Extreme Tack dot into or under the flowers
to secure the battery in place

Mexican Tin Folk Art DIY

I love Mexican art!  I always have.  When I was a kid my parents would go to Mexico and bring back all kinds of fantastic treasures.  Once they brought back these super scary tapped tin masks with marble eyes….I loved them!  Years later when I was shopping for art supplies at the hardware store, I scored a roll of aluminum flashing (they use it for roofing) and immediately
thought of the tapped tin projects I could make.
Make sure to cut the tin with serrated edge scissors or tin shears so that it’s not sharp to the touch!

I framed loteria images, but you could use anything!

Make them in different sizes

Make sure to add sequins and glitter, too!

Aluminum flashing
Loteria Images (below)
Pattern of Heart (below)
Serrated edge scissors or tin shears
Needle nose pliers
White school glue
Sequins and glitter
Hammer and large nails
Scrap wood

Trace and cut your pattern in aluminum flashing using serrated scissors (or tin shears)
Cut out a loteria image and trace around it adding 1/4″ all the way around
Cut off the corners and bend them upward with pliers to create a small frame
Using a large nail and scrap wood, tap a design into the heart
*Tap a hole through the top so you can hang it when you’re done

 Paint your heart with Americana Multi-Surface Satin in vibrant colors
Paint your small frame to match

When dry, glue on the flower cabochons and the frame with E-6000 glue
Using white glue, add the loteria image
Add more glue to add sequins and glitter inside and around the frame

 Print and cut

Print and cut

Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs DIY

Season 5 of Game of Thrones is almost here so what better way to celebrate than with beautiful metallic dragon eggs for Easter!   Kick your egg hunt up a notch and use these as the prize eggs or make them for your special Game of Thrones super fan.
Happy Easter!

Hide them in a special box

New season starts on April 12th

I can’t wait until these hatch!

Sticky back foam sheets
Plastic Easter eggs

 Cut the sticky foam into 3/4″ x 1/2″ wide squares
Trim them into the shape of a guitar pick
Peel and stick them to the bottom of the egg as shown
Stagger the next row (like shingles on a roof)
Continue all the way to the top of the egg

 Dab the Mixed Media Modeling Paste on the end of the egg to add texture
When dry paint the eggs with DecoArt Dazzling Metallics
*Rest them in a cardboard tube while they dry
Add dark brown to the metallics and add dimension to the eggs with a dry brush
Lighten the brown with some white paint and splatter the eggs using a toothbrush

No Sew Boho Curtains!

That’s right, you can make these beautiful curtains without a single stitch on a sewing machine or by hand!  Every time I pass a street vendor, I grab tons of faux pashmina scarves. You can get them almost anywhere for $5 to $10 dollars. Years ago I used them full length to make curtains for my living room with small clips. Now I’m using them as curtains in my bathroom with a contrasting border and I put them all together with E-6000 Stitchless Iron-On Glue….I t was easy and I think they look amazing!

No Sew Boho Curtains!

 I couldn’t decide on the colors so I made them in green and teal.

I’m settling on the oranges and purples! Much more my style.

Pashmina scarf (I like the ones with fringe)
E-6000 Stitchless Iron-On Glue
Masking tape
1/2″ yard of matching cotton fabric

 Cut each side of the scarf 3 1/2″ less than the measurement of your finished curtains
*Example: If your curtain length is 34″ then cut the scarf 30 1/2″ long
Cut the two pieces of matching cotton that are 9″ long and 1″ wider than the width of your scarf
Press 1/2″ on each of the 9″ sides of your cotton fabric
Seal them down with E-6000 Stitchless and press until the moisture is gone

 Flip the cotton over to the finished side
Add masking tape 1/2″ along one edge
Add E-6000 Stitchless along the masking tape and smoosh it along the tape with your fingers
Place the cotton on the face of the scarf panel
Match the raw edges and iron until the glue evaporates
Flip up the cotton piece and iron along the “seam”
Fold the other edge 1/2″ in and iron
Add E-6000 Stitchless along the fold

Fold down on to the first press seam and iron
This will create your tunnel and finish the curtain in the back
Repeat on the other curtain, hang and enjoy!

Rhinestone Encrusted Boho Cuffs DIY!

A few weeks ago I was getting my sparkle fix on the Beadaholique website and found beautiful cup chain in a ton of different colors…… I was immediately inspired to order some up and make these glamorous Rhinestone Boho Cuffs. I have a feeling Wonder Woman would love these for a night on the town! My favorite thing about this project is the mix of colors and textures. I used extra bits of chain, cabochons and small jewelry pieces to get this high end look. Enjoy!

The perfect way to spice up a simple dress!

I think they look amazing on Danielle!

Wire cutters
Jewelry pieces
Flat back rhinestones
Flat metal cuff

Check out for all of your jewelry making needs!
(I got amazing cup chain cut by the foot and cabochons from them for this project.)

Glue on cabochons and jewelry pieces with E-6000
Tape them in place while they dry so they don’t shift
Measure and cut cup chain to wrap around a cabochon
Using a toothpick, add glue around the cabochon and add the cup chain
Continue circling the cabochon with different colors of cup chain to create your design
Add small pieces of chain and flat back rhinestones to break up the cup chain pattern
Cover the entire metal cuff with stones for the full effect
Let everything dry for at least 3 hours

Fabulous Fabric Plant DIY

I have a black thumb….You wouldn’t know it by my yard because everything just grows in California.  Whenever I intentionally plant something, it dies.  My mom, however, can grow an avocado tree from a seed.  For this reason, I’ve decided to make all of my plants out of fabric.  This way they’re green all year long and I don’t have to remember to water them.

Paint them in any color to match your decor!

 They do very well outside, too!

They won’t leak on your books!

White cotton fabric
18 gage wire
Decorative pot
Styrofoam block
Wire cutters

 Cut several different sizes of long triangles that are 3” at the base
Press them in half
Add E-6000 Stitchless to the inner edge and press closed
*Make sure not to close the base of the triangle
You will need about 30 triangles depending on the size of the plant you want

Paint the center of each leaf on both sides with the color of your choice
*I used Turf Green and lightened it with white
Paint the edges in another color
*I used Chick
Cut wire pieces 3″ longer than each leaf and insert into the leaves
Shape the Styrofoam block to the size of your pot
Add the leaves to the block and create your plant


Graphic Poppy Pillows DIY

It’s been a dull gray winter and I’ve decided to make some colorful, graphic pillows for my patio furniture. There’s something exciting about mixing bold colors with black and white stripes…… It seems to make them POP even more, don’t you think? The awesome thing about these pillows is that they’re practically NO-SEW since the poppies are appliquéd with E-6000 Stitchless Glue. Just add a little glue along the edges and press into place. It’s that easy!

Sewing Machine
Red, black, orange, and black and white striped cotton fabrics
Pillow stuffing

 Cut out 3 poppies per pillow
*One 8″ and two 6″ in diameter
Figure out their placement on a 19″ x 19″ square of striped fabric
Add E-6000 Stitchless glue around the edges of the poppy pieces
Assemble and iron in place until the glue disappears

 Add another 19″ x 19″ piece of striped fabric on top of the pressed poppies
Pin and stitch around the edges using 1/2″ seam allowance
Turn right side out and outline the poppies in orange and black gloss Allure
When dry, stuff the pillows and stitch closed

Hello summer!

Gilded Edge Valentine Wreath

I have a confession to make…..I don’t like decorating for Christmas, but for some reason decorating for Valentine’s Day is my THING!  I’ve always loved everything about the holiday.  The colors, the hearts, the champagne, the candy and the candy….Yes, I know I wrote that twice.
Head to the dollar store for some pool noodles before they run out!  They are the perfect base for almost all of your wreath projects, hands down.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

A close up of my heart filled wreath!

A trio worthy of my heart

Pool noodle
Duct tape
Pind and red paper
Krylon Metallic Gold Short Cuts Pens
Fuzzy yarn
Glue gun

 Bend the pool noodle into a circle and close with duct tape
Lightly score the edges with a craft knife if it doesn’t make a perfect circle
Paint large stripes with chalky finish and let dry
Wrap fuzzy yarn around the wreath and glue ends in place with a glue gun

Cut out tons of paper hearts in red and pink in various sizes
Edge each heart with a gold metallic paint pen
Hot glue several sets of hearts, back to back, over a 1 yard lengths of fuzzy yarn
*This will create kite tails to hang from the base of the wreath
Make about 5 of tails
Hot glue the hearts all around the wreath
Hot glue the kite tails to the base of the wreath