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Let’s Paint Flowers!

I was inspired by two of my favorite artists for this project……Alisa Burke and Elena Nuez.  They both have talent oozing out of every pore and they do an amazing job sharing it, too.  Alisa has online classes which are wonderful, so definitely check them out learn something amazing.
Have fun!  xoxo, Mark



My first attempt
Everything looks better in a frame surrounded by bric-a-brac!


My favorite pin cushion


My 2nd attempt
I felt like I was getting better!


I tried some smaller canvases using the Creative Coloring For Grown-Ups books as a guide
I’ve included some flower templates to inspire you


Americana Acrylics and Allure (puff paints) are my favorites



Fabric and Trim Tassels DIY

Grab your fabric scraps because we’re taking the DIY train to tassel town! I raided my scrap box (okay, it’s more like a warehouse) and made colorful tassels and then attached them to a funky bracelet.  Now you might want to hang them on a doorknob, attach one to a skeleton key or your keychain.  Whatever you decide to do with them, I promise these little tassels will make you very happy!  Have fun!  xoxo, Mark


Needs CollageRT

Large zip ties
Strips of scrap fabric
Glue gun
Ribbon and trim
Trim the head off of your zip tie
Tape it into a bracelet that fits your hand
Hot glue a strip of fabric to the bracelet and then wrap it
Wrap yarn around the fabric wrapped bracelet and secure in place
*Either knot it or glue it down
Knot two strips of contrasting fabric together at the ends
Twist together to create a colorful rope
*Twist the pieces toward the center over and over again
Cut about 20 pieces of trim, fabric and ribbon in 8″ lengths
Tie the rope around the bracelet and a pencil
*This will create some room for it to move
Tie the rope around the center of the 8″ pieces
Create your tassel shape and wrap another piece of fabric to make the neck
Trim any extra long pieces



Decoupage Gift Box DIY

My gram used to have these beautiful floral tins in her kitchen filled with everything from sewing supplies to receipts.  My obsession with those tins has turned into a love for almost anything covered in colorful flowers……..except cheap sofas.  I do not like cheap sofas covered in flowers. I do, however, love this box and I hope you do, too.  I may have to make a few for holiday gifts.
Enjoy and be creative!  xoxo, Mark

I’m in LOVE with some of the new blocks from DCWV.  This one is called Solstice.

I covered a pasta jar using the same technique

E-6000 Spray Adhesive
Americana Decor Chalky Finish in Delicate and Treasure
Wax (even candle was will do)
Keepsake Box from Walnut Hallow
Scissors, Paintbrushes

1. Paint the corners, edges and parts of the box in Delicate
2. When dry rub wax along the edges and over the paint
*don’t brush off the crumbs
3. Paint the entire box in Treasure and let dry
4.  Sand the areas with wax to expose the color underneath
5. Cut out flowers and leaves from the scrapbook paper
6. Glue them to the box with spray adhesive or a thin layer of white glue
7. Edge the flowers the Allure in Gold Leaf
8. Line the box with more paper and paint the inner edges


Fairy Dolls DIY and Clutterbug Collaboration!

When I was looking around in my yard for a place to photograph these little Vegas showgirl fairy dolls, I actually found a fairy door on my tree.  See the 3rd photo.  Granted, I only make fairy dolls because I have a boatload of nieces who are obsessed with anything fairy or princess….OBSESSED!   I think all little girls are actually.  Every day on my street, when the parents take their kids to school, it’s a fairy parade!  Wait a minute…..Who am I kidding?  I made these fairy dolls because they were just darn fun to make!  BTW, I did a video collaboration with my friend Cas at Clutterbug.  Hers are amazing!  Have fun….XOXO, Mark


Getting ready for the Vegas fairy doll kick line!

Americana Multi Surface Satin Paints
*red, black, pink and flesh
Glue gun
Faux flowers
Faux butterflies
Thick galvanized wire
Large wooden beads
Needle nose pliers with wire cutting ability

Put the large bead on a stick and paint the face
*The stick helps!
Bend a 6″ wire in half with a loop and insert in the bead from the top
Bend the arms to shape and curl the ends for hands
Bend an 8″ wire in half, add glue to the bead and insert for legs
Curl the ends for feet
Wrap a 1/2″ strip of fabric around the torso and glue in place
Glue flowers around the base of the “top”
Glue one flower on the head for hair
Glue faux butterfly wings on the back
Paint the legs and arms with flesh
*Optional:  I added more flowers to make crowns

Super High Gloss Resin Table DIY

There is a small park in my neighborhood that is next to a home for the elderly.  It’s a beautiful park with groups of men and women chatting like birds and playing checkers.  Picturesque is the only way to describe it.  On a recent trip to this park I noticed that the game tables weren’t in the best shape, so I decided to make one for them.  With this process, you could encase almost anything from copies of old photos to memorabilia, even coins and toys.  By the way, they loved it.  Be creative!
xoxo, Mark

The Glaze Coat is like glass

22″ x 22″ x 3/4″ plywood
Two 22″ x 1 1/4″ wood trim
Two 22 3/4″ x 1 1/4″ wood trim
Wood glue
DecoArt Dazzling Metallics (in a matching color)

 Glue the 22″ x 1 1/4″ pieces to opposite sides of the plywood
Glue the 22 3/4″ x 1 1/14″ pieces to the remaining sides of the plywood
Paint the trim with the Dazzling Metallics
Generously coat the checkerboard with the sealer on both sides
Cut enough strips of scrapbook paper to frame the table
Coat both sides of the scrapbook paper with sealer
*This will ensure the the Glaze Coat doesn’t darken the paper

Glue your strips around the table with the spray adhesive on two sides
Cut the ends at 45? angles to create mitered edges
*For this next part you’ll want to work outside
Mix 1 quart of Glaze Coat for 5 minutes
Evenly pour onto the table
Pop the bubbles with a long arm lighter or small torch
Cover and let dry overnight
Add another layer of Glaze Coat if you haven’t filled it enough

Gorgeous Flower Vases DIY

 There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t clip something from my garden to put in a vase on my table or in my kitchen window.  Yes, I’m a fussy fellow.  Having those little blooms all over the house just makes me feel better and it gives my little bungalow a warm, comfortable look.   These little flower vases aren’t actually pottery if you can believe it, they’re made from dollar store glassware and my secret faux pottery painting technique. Why not make some for yourself?  Have fun!
XOXO, Mark


Magical Mosaic DIY

Let’s face it, I’m a messy DIY’er!  I mean call in the Merry Maids kind of mess maker!  Every corner of my entire house gets destroyed when I make something, especially mosaic.  I decided to try a different mosaic technique, without the traditional Greek breaking of the plates, and this is what happened.  My nephew happened to be in town when I was making these and we had a blast making them.  We did manage to turn my house into a glitterized palace, but it was worth it.  NEVER let an 11 year old handle large jars of glitter….NEVER!
Have fun.  xoxo, Mark

 Love the mix of patterns!

 Bigger painted “tiles” make this technique fly by

The little circular box was a cheese box.
Yes, I’m a hoarder with a purpose!

 My collection of “crazy”

Americana Acrylics in great colors
Frames and boxes
White glue

Figure out your color palette
Paint “tiles” on your objects starting with the lightest colors first
When dry, add a line of glue around each painted tile

Sprinkle with glitter to create the “grout”
*Glitter small sections at a time
Add dots or zigzags to different tiles with Allure

You could stop here and just leave them painted

Or you could stop here
I say go all the way!

Sugar Skull Plates DIY

Nothing better than a funky plate to make your dinner table look amazing, don’t you think?!  These sugar skull plates are super easy to make AND you can eat off of them!  How cool is that!  Because all of the paint and decoupage is on the back, they’re completely food safe.  I got my images at  They’re having a free 7 day trial and you can download tons of images for free.  Just like the images I used for this project.  My glass plates are from the 99c store, but you can get them for pennies at Ikea.  Have fun!
xoxo, Mark

Love this color combo!

I made them in every color under the sun

Try picking a color from the skull for your background

This citrus yellow is one of my favorite Krylon colors

Rubbing Alcohol
Krylon spray paint in white and colors you like
Images from

 Clean the back of the plates with rubbing alcohol
Edge them with a paint pen
*Smoosh the pen over a corner to create a divit
and it will easily glide over the edge of the plate
Cut out your images

 If you are using a white image and painting the plate a color, you will want to spray the back of the white image with white spray paint
Spray the front of the image with E-6000 Spray Adhesive and apply to the back of the plate
Add the skull first and then the flowers
When dry, spray paint the back of the plate in a color you like

Apply several coats of Minwax Polycrylic to the back of the plate and let dry
*Sponge wash your plates and quickly dry to keep them in perfect condition

More images at

I got these roses on

Marbled Thrift Store Lamp DIY

I love a good thrift store find, don’t you?  Who can resist a big white lamp for $5 bucks?  I certainly can’t!  I decided to see if my spray paint marbling technique would work on this huge lamp base and to my great joy, it did.  While I was at it, I decided to give the lampshade a little makeover, too.  Why stop just at the base?  If you find a lamp that will work for this project and it’s not already white, just spray paint it.  Have fun!
  xoxo, Mark

I love the gold base!  Shhh….It’s painted wood.


Watch the short video tutorial here

Thrift store lamp (painted white)
Spray mount
Clear acrylic spray
Gray spray paint
2 yards cotton fabric

 Tie a bag around the neck of your lamp
Fill a large bin with water
*Make sure you can dip your lamp base into it
Lightly spray the clear paint and the gray paint onto the top of the water
Quickly roll your lamp in the paint
Repeat until the entire lamp is covered
*Try this technique on paper before you dip your lamp

 Seal the entire base with Americana Multi Purpose Sealer
Paint the wood plaque in metallic gold
Using E-6000, glue it to the base of the lamp

 Iron your fabric and lay it flat
Remove all of the trim and fabric from the lamp shade
Spray the shade with spray adhesive
Roll it along the fabric to cover it and then trim off the edges
Cut 1 1/2″ wide strips of bias fabric
*Cutting on the bias means cutting at a perfect 45? angle instead of on the grain

Thread the bias strips through the bias tape maker
Glue the bias tape along the side seam and then around the top and bottom of the shade
*Fold the ends of the tape 1/4″ for a clean finish

Plaster of Paris Home Decor DIYs

I can’t help grabbing all of those fun silicone molds at the dollar store.  I don’t bake, but I sure love to fill them with things like plaster of Paris and resin!  This mold is one of my favorites and though I was only in need of a cute incense burner, I ended up making a mirror and some place card holders as well.  The faux glaze technique is really rocking my world lately, too!  Check out the video to see how I made all three projects.
Have fun!  xoxo, Mark

Make colorful faux glazed floral mirror

 My beautiful glazed incense burners!

Simple Mirror
Plaster of Paris
Drill with small drill bit
Hack saw blade (got several at the 99c store)

 Mix your plaster of Paris and fill the flower molds about 3/4″
*Link for the exact mold in list of needs
Tap the mold to release the bubbles
For the place card holders, saw a line about 1/4″ through the center with the hacksaw blade
For the incense burner drill a hole through the center with a small bit

Paint your pieces with white Americana Acrylic paint
*This will seal the plaster
Mix a small bit of neon paint with Triple Thick Gloss Glaze
Paint the plaster pieces and let dry
Glue several flowers around the frame of a mirror with E-6000

Place card holders for your next dinner soiree!