High End Beaded Pillows DIY

If you love the look of high end beaded pillows but aren’t willing to spend 40+ hours stitching on every single bead, why not try this beaded pillow project!  Get that high end look and impress your friends with your beautiful decor and your talent!  All you’ll need is E-6000 Fabri-Fuse and an awesome stencil!  Beaded pillows can now be made in the time it takes for the glue to dry.  Here’s how!

I love this flower pillow!

My fancy beaded denim pillows!

1 yard heavy cotton
1 yard heavy denim
1/3 cup seed beads per pillow
Spray adhesive
Sewing machine
Straight pins
Pillow stuffing

Cut two pieces of fabric 19″ x 19″
Pin and stitch together using 1/2″ seam allowance and leaving a 5″ long hole
Clip the corners at an angle
Turn right side out and press flat

 Spray the stencil with a light coating of spray adhesive
Center it on the pillow
Fill the stencil with a generous amount of E-6000 Fabri-Fuse

 Remove the stencil and sprinkle the beads on the Fabri-Fuse
*gently press down the beads if you need to
Repeat with the other areas of the stencil
Add a coating of clear acrylic IF you feel you didn’t use enough glue
*This will insure that you don’t lose any beads

For larger, more intricate stencils stick your stencil to the fabric
Squirt a generous amount of glue along the side of the stencil
Spread the glue with a piece of cardboard like a squeegee
Remove the stencil
Sprinkle the beads and let dry overnight

Constellation Desk Organizers

Spaced out at your desk?  Need to get a bit more organized?  Why not recycle a standard shipping box from the post office and make these awesome CONSTELLATION ORGANIZERS!
My favorite part of this project is the stars made from stick-on gems.  These are perfect to spruce up your office or organize your locker.

My trio of constellation organizers

These would make Captain James Kirk jealous!

Print out of constellations
Priority shipping boxes from the post office (or recycled)
Stick-on gems
Craft knife

Assemble the box
Draw a line from corner to corner with a pencil
Intersect the line 3 1/2″ up from the base of the box on each side
Draw a curve where the lines intersect on each side
Repeat on the other side
Connect the 3 1/2″ lines on the sides of the box

 Cut along the lines with a craft knife
*This will give you two organizers
Cut an extra piece of cardboard 3 1/2″ by the width of your box plus 3″
Score 1 1/2″ in on each side and bend to create flaps
Glue the flaps to the inside of the mouth of the box to create an area for pencils

Print in gray scale to save ink

Paint the entire box with Americana Multi-Surface Satin Paint in Black Tie
When dry, lightly draw your constellations in pencil
Mark over the lines with a silver Krylon Short Cuts metallic paint marker
Connect the lines with stick-on rhinestones

Make hundreds of dots with the metallic paint pen to create the night sky

You’re done!

Animal Silhouette Pillows DIY

Need to spruce up your decor?  Want something that shows off your DIY talent?  How about making them an Animal Silhouette Pillow with E-6000 StitchLess Iron On Glue.  Just cut out your shape, coat it with the glue and iron it on!  You’ll be the envy of all your friends.

My pillow zoo!

 I think my dad would love this one

 My niece Jennah will love this!

I’m keeping this one!

Silhouette of animal you like
Graphic fabrics in black and white
Cotton fabrics in bright colors
Sewing Machine
Pillow stuffing
Needle and thread

 Print this in gray scale (to save ink) and enlarge it to fit a standard sheet of copy paper

Print as much as you can of this on a standard sheet of copy paper and free hand draw the antlers

Add a tail to this if you want!

 Cut out a piece of fabric big enough for your silhouette
Pin and carefully cut it out
Try different silhouettes (Google ANIMAL SILHOUETTE)

 Cut two 19″ x 19″ pieces of graphic fabric
Pin and stitch them together using 1/2″ seam allowance
Leave a 5″ hole on one side
Paint an even layer of E-6000 StitchLess on the fabric silhouette

With the glue side down, center it on the pillow and iron it in place
Stuff the pillow with pillow stuffing
Pin the 5″ hole closed
Stitch closed with needle and thread

Emoji Patches for Back to School!

I wasn’t sure this patch trend would last, but guess what!  They’re back again for fall and they’re super fun. You don’t have to spend a fortune on patches, you can make your own.  I used Emoji images for some of mine and glue them to painted fabric shapes.  Embellish everything from a pair of boyfriend jeans to your old ratty backpack!

Just a few images I’ve been seeing in the magazines

Danielle wearing her patched up boyfriend jeans

Backpack ready!

E-6000 Fabri-Fuse and StitchLess Glues
Printed Fabrics
Plain heavy white cotton fabric

 Print out the Emoji images from the photos below
*You can drag them to your computer and print the ones you like
Iron them on white cotton fabric using the directions on the packaging
Cut them out

Create a shield, speech and thought bubble pattern in paper and cut them out
Place them on white fabric and paint around them with Multi-Surface Paint
When dry, cut them out and write on them with a permanent marker

 Use your shield shape on different fabrics
Cut out the images on different printed fabrics (I used owls and Hello Kitty)

Spread E-6000 Stitchless with a paintbrush on the back of the fabric cut outs
Figure out your patch placement on your jeans and backpack
Iron and glue the fabric patches on your items


 This is a large image of all of the current Emoji.  Drag it to your desktop and print out what you like.

Some of my favorites to print out

No Sew Painted Fabric Rugs DIY

I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical at first, but after not being able to find the perfect kitchen rug, I decided to make my own with fabric and paint.  I LOVE the way these turned out and now I’m only limited by my fabric and design choices.  They’re easy to clean, they look fantastic in my crazy kitchen AND they are NO SEW!  BTW, if you have a rug that slips, you can use something called Extreme Tack from E-6000.  It’s amazing stuff that works like an extremely strong post-it note glue!  Just squirt a few lines of it on the back of your rug, let it dry and you’re good to go.  


 My southwestern inspired rugs.  

Perfect by my kitchen door

1 yard printed fabric
2 yards heavy cotton canvas
1 yard fringe (optional)
E-6000 Fabri-Fuse
Painter’s tape

 Figure out the size you want to make your rug and add 1″ all the way around
Cut your canvas to this size
Iron the edges in 1″
Add E-6000 Stitchless glue around the edges and iron the edges in place

 Measure the center of each side of your canvas rug
Connect where you marked with painter’s tape
Using the first taped diamond, measure in 3″ to create a smaller diamond
Measure in again to create the center diamond
Add tape to all your drawn lines
Start filling in with your multi-surface paints

 Black in the center
Next red, followed by turquoise orange and finally green
Remove the tape when it’s dry and coat the front and back of the rug with Minwax Polycrylic

Cut your printed fabric 1″ bigger all the way around than you want your rug to measure
Cut a piece of canvas 1″ smaller all the way around than your printed fabric
With the printed fabric centered on top of the canvas, seal them together with a layer of Minwax Polycrylic
Add more Minwax Polycrylic to the top after you’ve sealed them together

Add E-6000 Fabri-Fuse to the 1″ edges and iron them to the underside of the canvas
Create a 2″ boarder 1/2″ in from the edge of the rug all the way around using tape
Fill it in with a matching color
Glue fringe under the ends of the rug with E-6000 Fabri-Fuse and let dry

Glass Paperweights DIY

It was time to clean out my pantry and get rid of some of my glass tea lights.  I have no idea how I’ve collected so many!  Now if you’re crafty you know that a good paperweight is always needed.  I use them for holding fabric when I’m cutting AND for my stacks of papers which seem to fly away when the AC turns on.  These are terrific because you can fill them with any image you want.  Antique photos would be perfect!  Just make sure to copy them with a laser printer at a copy shop.  If you use inkjet copies, you’ll need to coat them on both sides with a clear acrylic.  Make sure to let the Glaze Coat cure in an unoccupied part of the house or outside under a box.  Have fun!

You can also fill them with objects like dice or coins.

My lovely trio

Laser printed images
Plastic cups
Disposable wood stirrers

 Laser print your images
Cut them to fit inside of your glass tea lights

 Pour equal parts of Glaze Coat into two separate cups
Stir thoroughly for 5 minutes
Fill the tea light 1/4″ full

Place your image face down and tap in place
*You’ll be seeing the image from the bottom
Fill the tea light the rest of the way
Add 1/2 teaspoon glitter and stir
Let cure overnight outside or in an unoccupied part of the house

Summer Lounge Chair Makeover

You’ll definitely want to make some snazzy chairs to mark your spot on the shore if you’re heading to a big body of water this summer!  These are basic beach chairs that sell at Target for 8 dollars each.  With a little paint and trim,  I turned them into the best seat on the beach!  Use any motif from starfish to your initials.  It’s up to you.  Just make sure wear sunblock, OK!  Oh, and make sure to wait at least 30 minutes after you eat to jump in the water.

Not headed to the beach?  Make them for the back yard and turn on the sprinklers!

See the video tutorial!

Beach chairs
2 yards of pom pom trim per chair
Americana Multi-Surface Paints in Neon Blue and White
Masking tape
Contact paper
Craft knife

 Use masking tape (or painter’s tape) to make stripes on the chair
Fill in the stripes with Americana Multi-Surface Paint in Cotton Ball and let dry
Create your graphic on contact paper and cut out with a craft knife

 Apply the contact paper stencil to the back of the chair
Fill in with Americana Multi-Surface Paint in Neon Blue
Add a line of E-6000 Fabri-Fuse to the edges of the chair seat and back

Add the trim to the edges and let dry
Paint the details on the graphic if needed

Thurs-DIY in July!

We’re back!  Our Thurs-DIY gang is gathered and ready to inspire you with some terrific weekend projects.  This week there are 8 DIY projects ranging from fashion to home decor, so there’s something for everyone!  Hop around and make friends with these lovely people.  I promise, they don’t bite.
Happy Thus-DIY!

Margot Potter makes a longitude/latitude necklace that is super clever!  Latitude with attitude:  http://icanmakemetalstampedjewelry.com/diy-longitude-latitude-

Cathy Attix Spray adds some class to a plain white beach hat with her Dyed Beach Hat tutorial:  http://ilovetocreateblog.blogspot.com/2014/07/spray-dye-beach-hat.html

Make Fruit Serving Trays from basic wood table rounds found at any hardware store: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGwEh03KG4s&list=UUt4zycubX8BJZ8pZhZ4w8ow

Learn to make a Men’s Shirt Skirt (with real waistband) by watching my in-depth sewing tutorial here.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrhuP-OuB_8

Kathy Cano-Murillo makes gorgeous Henna Inspired Lamps:  http://www.craftychica.com/site/2014/07/painted-chimney-lamps/

Cathie Filian makes a Gothic Sweet Bracelet that my nieces would flip for!  http://www.plaidonline.com/gothic-chic-bracelet/5568/project.htm

Heather Mann makes Emergency Candy Bottles for the sugar addict in all of us!  http://dollarstorecrafts.com/2014/07/tutorial-emergency-candy-bottles/

Debi Beard makes a table from vintage yardsticks.  I want one on my patio!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUXXQTBz1II&list=PLE1FA2F6411D356CB

Beautiful Summer Fruit Trays DIY

Need some fun summer trays for your outdoor dining?  These couldn’t be easier to make!  Standard 18″ table rounds and thin metal spoons for handles and you’re halfway there.  I dyed the wood with RIT Liquid Dye which works wonderfully as a wood stain.  Make sure to check out the RIT studio for tons of other ways to use RIT!  

Two 1″ x 18″ table rounds
Thin metal spoons *make sure you can bend them
Rit Liquid Dye in Sunshine Orange and Scarlet
1″ screws 

Stain one table round with the RIT liquid dye in Sunshine Orange to create the orange tray
Draw a line 1 1/2″ from the edge of the tray
Fill in the line with Cotton Ball Multi Surface Paint to create the rhine
With a ruler, draw your orange sections

 Paint over the lines 
Fill in the center and paint on the seeds
Paint the edge with Orange Sherbert
Let dry for an hour

Paint the second table round with Scarlet to create the watermelon tray
Draw a line 1″ from the edge and fill in with Cotton Ball
Paint the edges with Turf Green
Add some Cotton Ball to the Turf Green for a lighter shade to create the stripes on the edge 

Coat both trays with Minwax Polycrylic
Mark each end of the spoon
Drill holes in each end of the spoons
Bend into a handle shape and screw into the sides of the trays

Super Easy Jeweled Phone Case

Everyone loves a terrific cell phone case and these were made from dollar store jewelry pieces and
E-6000 glue which now comes in black and white!  You don’t need anything else.  Just cluster on your jewels and get gluing.  No more Decoden supplies and messy silicone!
Have fun!

Danielle rocking her bejeweled cell phone cases!

Black rhinestone trim, beads and gems
Crystal rhinestone trim, beads and gems
Basic cell phone cases (I got mine at the dollar store)

 Cut your rhinestone trim to fit the case and make sure to cut out a space for the camera
Figure out the gem placement and photograph it so you can remember!

Glue everything in place with clear E-6000 glue
Sprinkle with iridescent glitter if you want a little more sparkle
Let dry overnight

Cut and glue the rhinestone trim to the size of your case
Glue on with BLACK E-6000 glue
Add gems and glitter and let dry overnight