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Great news, fans! I couldn’t be more excited about the launch of my first eBook, How to Write and Publish a Best-Selling Craft Book! I finally get to share with everyone my secrets. This is truly a TELL-ALL book because I take you step by step through my personal creative process from concept to promoting your book when it’s published.  A-Z, top to bottom!  I also give guidance on how to get an agent, how to submit to a publisher and how to write a WINNING book proposal.  I’m even sharing two of my personal book proposals which became books published by Simon and Schuster.

If you’re interested in writing a craft book and getting it published, this book is for you! Comes in both e-reader and regular PDF. Get the PDF here, or you can grab the Kindle version on Amazon. Also, click on the image to check out my other great crafty reads.

Mark Montano's "How to Write a Best-Selling Craft Book" eBook Exclusive!